How Do We Start?

It all starts with an initial meeting which lasts 90 minutes, for which I ask $60.  During this initial meeting we will talk about your vision, your goals, and any hurdles that you have identified.
We’ll talk about your project’s history – what you like, what you dislike, and what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.  We’ll discuss the kind of working environment you would like to have, and visualize the perfect set of aids to your personal process.
When this meeting is done we will have identified a set of short term goals, have described a long term path, and will have a plan to move forward.
It is not unusual for this to be our only meeting.  When describing to someone else what you are trying to do or what you think is holding you back, creative individuals often discover a solution that they can implement themselves, and that is the optimal solution.  In that case, I will summarize the results of our meeting and mail you suggestions for tools and services that may help you achieve your goals.