Who Am I?

My passion is connecting people to the tools and services they need to express their unique vision, and ensuring that their relationship with those tools improves and remains empowering over time.

I am an experienced entrepreneur and systems architect who has worked for or founded a variety of high growth service and infrastructure companies.

As the Pacific Rim Development Program Manager for WAM!NET Inc, I helped grow the company from just 100 employees in the Twin Cities to a global presence in four countries with $1.5 Billion in contracted revenue.  And as a Quality Assurance Lead for LaserMaster Inc, I helped create the Desktop Publishing Revolution which has made printers a common occurrence in every home and office.

I am the owner of Transformative Business Group, LLC, an infrastructure and web services company that specializes in the improvement of corporate processes and service delivery via the internet, and I consult with clients on a daily basis to help them identify and achieve their preferred online futures.